Dear Customer

If you wish to receive more information regarding one or more offices, click on the link ”Order Information and Prices.” This link can be found both on the search results page and on each center’s description page.
You will receive the requested information on the requested centers via e-mail once you have sent us your contact information.

 How to search for and order information on serviced offices: 


  • After having found your office(s) of choice, choose one or more offices and click on ”Order Information and Prices” for each one. 
  • In the box on the right side of the page titled ”More Information”, you can see the offices which you have chosen to order information for. 
  • At any time, you can remove a selected office by clicking on ”-” and then going back to the search option to choose more offices.
  • After having chosen your office(s) of choice, enter your contact information in the ”More Information” box (name, company name, telephone number, and e-mail).
  • Click on ”Request Information”, and the requested information for the selected offices will be sent to you by e-mail immediately.